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Canary Brass Industries offer variety of materials that could be used for manufacturing & export the cable gland – the brass cable gland. These socket has its own applications and you have choose has to be in line with the purpose that you are searching the cable gland for. The wire gland is built up to suit a wide range of stifle ranges, to be able to accommodate cables of various types. Along with its main intention of providing connectivity, there is also the function of water-proof environment for the cable to condemn.

There is also the perfect angled wire gland that is built up as the same row material as the wire gland, with the transform that the angle is snugly designed to enable the sleek passing and valence of the cable for distinct situation.

Glands are Electrical devices that used for fixing power, control and appliance cables to electrical equipment, junction boxes, power or control panels, machineries or equipment’s.

A gland protect the cable to the material or panel body. The cable routing through the gland that is fitted onto the equipment or panel body. While tightened the gland tightly protect the cable within it. Click Here To Know More Information About Cable Glands

These type of glands has designed in such a path that cable expiry as well as removal for repair or maintenance is easy. Gladding is a temporary fixing; the cable gland can be weaken to release the cable for repair or maintenance.

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