Banana Plug

Canary Brass Industries offer you Banana plug, Brass Cable Glands

Banana Plug

These Banana plugs are a generally used recipe of make a relation between an amplifier and the speaker, but they can also be used to make connections between other devices as well. The plug gets its abnormal name because of the design of the plug, which features a thin colic that has a somewhat flaring shape. This flaring shape is said to have premise people of a plumb banana, hence the name.

These connectors come in a different of sizes and are engaged to the end of the speaker cable in various multiple routes. The main method comprise soldering the Banana plug to the termination of the cable, using a crimping tool to crimp the plug on, or clamp up meal screws in order to nail the cable with the plug.

Banana plugs has a number of advantage: to start up with, they present a reclaimed overall appearance to your home theater. A most of consumers indeed feel that bare cords don’t look much attractive, so a gold-plated banana plug might be the best way of putting a small bit of design to a completion point. Still another some perk is the fact that banana plugs products make it extremely simple for build on connections.

Brass Cable Glands

Cable Glands are circuit mechanical cable entrance devices that seal electrical cable enter a wall, motor, pump or generator. Cable Glands are the global replacement for more costly conduit and are used internationally.

Cable Glands come in diversify of materials that offer various benefits depending on the cable and the electrical instrument used. Some of the most usual materials used are: brass.

Take the perfect Cable Gland rely on the various type of cable used & the diameter of which cable.

What is cable gland?

A ‘Cable Gland’ is a resource that securely grip the cable, is that enabling the technicians to attach the wires to the machinery. They held the cable in the proper situation and it doesn’t allow them to default out of its hold and detain short circuit or collapse of the machinery.

As a result, the wire connected to the machinery stays whole. Cable Glands are nearly cylindrical in shape. Aloof from power, cables are too used for control appliance, instrumentation and telecommunication etc. Proper Glands are avail to call the needs of these industries too.

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